Emerging technologies in Restaurants

We empower your brand with proper technologies by having a powerful and intuitive data. Restaurants will have individual guest consumption and know a certain percentage of people coming in that week who will eat french fries, for example, or how many potatoes should be ordered.

Our system enables your customers to go directly to your website, Facebook page & mobile app and start becoming loyal to brand.

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Did you Know?


Restaurant's Revenue

Increases first 6 months through passing the savings to the customers directly

Did you Know?


Restaurant's Customers

Prefer ordering directly from restaurant’s website before dining, rather than routing them to a third party site that lists you among competitors

Did you Know?


Facebook Users

Find new places to eat, because it is one of the most popular marketing platform for restaurants,

Did you Know?


Email Subscribers

Have higher open & click-through rate than industry standards when reatuarant's communicating via email

The average American spends $2,100 on online food ordering yearly

Why Consumers are more concerned about security than speed?

Diners fear restaurant data breaches, report says

  • 40% of consumers are frustrated by the number of steps required to order food online or via mobile apps. .40%
  • 62% of consumers demand for a faster, more seamless online ordering process, even more consumers are concerned about a data breach. 62%
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